In early 2014, I had a life-changing experience that inspired me to move forward on some much-needed changes in my life. As part of that deeply personal journey, I rebooted a special project I had been working on for many years. This project included writing letters to my son with my thoughts about life, suggestions to help him find more peace and joy on his own personal journey in life, and ideas to help him discover and reach his full potential.

You are invited to listen as I read these letters to my son in this very personal podcast. I'll release one letter each week here on this website as audio recordings until this series is complete. At the end of this series, I'll also release a printed version of Dear Luke

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Warmest Regards,
James Durham

About James Durham

James Durham creates award-winning new media, music and stories. But he's first and foremost a dad to his very insightful, intuitive son Luke. After a life-changing experience in 2014, he's also passionate about health, a passion which he shares via another one of his podcasts, The Lord of the Mind: A Geek's Epic Quest for Health

"Dear Luke" cover artwork by Adam Tarmy

About the Artwork

Special thanks to the uber-talented Adam Tarmy for his beautiful work on the cover art for Dear Luke. You can reach him via his website at where you will be able to obtain prints.

Click the image to the right see a larger view of the cover artwork.